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Getting involved in a hemp investment opportunity had historically been reserved for large corporations or extremely wealthy individuals. This is primarily due to the overwhelming costs and maintenance of growing plantation hemp. Our unique investment model allows you to reap the same benefits as these wealthy investors without the large capital outlay.

As you may already know, the return on investment (ROI) in hemp and CBD is astounding! We have based our projected returns on two different phases of the project. Phase One is the harvest and sale of “Hemp Flower”, a highly valued commodity. Phase Two will be implemented once our “CBD Oil” production facilities are in place. While the “Hemp Flower” projections are HUGE, the Phase Two “CBD Oil” projections are GIGANTIC!

You can now purchase individual lots of hemp by the 1/8 of an acre, maintain full fee simple titled ownership rights to the land and share the profits of the hemp plants grown on it. Since we maintain the entire plantation, consisting of your plot and crops, as well as the plots and crops of other owners, you benefit from the overall communal value and lower maintenance costs of the entire plantation cooperative. Again, this model allows you to enjoy the returns of a large investment opportunity with far less risk.

Unlike hemp farms in North America, where only one crop can be harvested each year, Belize has the perfect growing conditions year-round. In Belize, we can easily produce two crops annually, possibly three, if the weather cooperates. In essence, this doubles, if not triples, the harvest yields and profit of the farms in North America and Canada.

Investment Model

Your return on investment (ROI) in our Hemp Cooperative is based on two phases:

#1 Phase one projections:


The growing and selling of high quality hemp flower to help meet the growing global demand. Hemp flower itself is a highly valued and very profitable product.

Our estimated Phase One annual ROI is 38%-56%!

#2 Phase two projections:


Once our extraction equipment is installed and implemented, we will process the hemp flower into CBD oil “in house”. This phase will increase profits 7-10 times as high grade hemp oil is in extreme demand and massively profitable.

Our estimated Phase Two annual ROI 168%-256%!

Hemp farms actually grow money!


CBD products are in extremely high demand globally and are all made using CBD from farms like ours. The estimated Hemp CBD market projections are astounding. This explosive market trend will continue to increase the demand and price of the raw materials used to create the products themselves. Our Hemp Farm opportunity can be closely compared to the “California Gold Rush”, where most of the money was made by the smart individuals selling the picks and shovels, not the ones breaking their backs mining for gold. You can now position yourself with a similar opportunity by growing the actual product that’s fuel the ever-growing demand. As you can see, you’re actually growing money!

What We Do

We scout the world’s perfect locations to grow investment crops on a large scale and then sell and manage the crops for investors.

Our company was originally formed with the goal of exclusively farming hardwoods as long-term investment crops, focusing primarily on teak and mahogany. While we currently continue to maintain hardwood plantations in Belize and Panama and still firmly believe that hardwoods are a fantastic “Long Term” investment, nothing compares to hemp for its short term and high returns.


Our experience with farming hardwoods in Central and South America gives us a tremendous market advantage. We have been tracking the legalization process of growing Industrial Hemp in Belize for many years and now that it’s become legal we are aggressively transitioning into this new and exciting opportunity.


Using our knowledge, experienced horticulturists and local skilled labor, our site selection and preparation is the first step in producing the best quality and highest valued hemp products on the market. Without the ideal site, soil preparation and seed selection, the final crop may not be as desirable or valuable. Our experience with these critical aspects of success enables us to consistently produce some of the most valuable hemp strains on the market today.

Our Guarantee to You

As your “cooperative partner” we handle all aspects of your hemp lot and investment. This includes everything from soil prep, seeding, maintenance, harvest, processing, and final sale. Therefore, we are responsible to you for the results. If for any reason a crop dies or becomes unsellable, we will replant it for you at our cost. Since hemp is a “fast-grower” (90-120 days from seed to harvest) these types of setbacks generally have minimal impact on the overall ROI.

Hemp Industry Quotes

“It has been estimated that by 2020, the US will realize $44 billion in economic impact dollars from its growing hemp program. In 2016, with only one harvest per year, Canadian farmers exported to the US $45 million worth of hemp seeds. In the tropics, 2 to 3 harvests per year are possible.”

“Forget THC! Cannabidiol (CBD) Is the Marijuana Industry’s Moneymaker”

“The CBD market could offer a compound annual growth rate of 147% through 2022”

“CBD is where the big money is…..”

“..if you have even considered investing in pot stocks. Hemp-Derived CBD Will Outpace All Other Cannabis Markets, Projected to Hit $22 Billion by 2022”

“The hemp-derived CBD market is expected to hit $591 million this year, and, according to a new Brightfield Group report, it may grow 40 times this size—to $22 billion by 2022”

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